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Body intelligence yoga

Yoga inspired mindful movement classes for today's bodies

Ready for something different?

Are you a stiff sportsperson, a nursing mum or just anyone who's day to day movements are compromised by circumstance, environment and particularly ingrained and limiting  postural/movement habits? Shuddhasara’s classes are designed to address these particularly prevalent and unhealthy biomechanical patterns.


Many of us suffer from 'text neck', drooping collarbones, poor breathing, fatigue, stress, and the effects of too much time sitting. These classes utilize a variety of modern movement methods designed to promote healthier movement patterns for daily living. Students report feeling a deeper sense of well being and vitality.


These seemingly simple movements work very deeply. Classes are welcoming and inclusive and no experience is necessary.

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Cambridge yoga courses for beginners through to intermediate level.  contact Shuddhasara (contact form).

All classes are now online via Zoom
Monday 6-7:45 pm
Wednesday 10:30-12: *
Thursday 6:45-8:30pm*
Friday 10:30-12:15 (therapeautic)
*more experienced
Short courses, workshops and retreats

About Shuddhasara

Shuddhasara has more than 45 years of experience working with movement and the body. She first trained as a dancer, a dance teacher and dance therapist before moving into yoga and remedial yoga in the Iyengar method up to Intermediate Level 3. She continues to study with international teachers in the fields of fascia, yoga, physiotherapy and mindful strength.

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Shuddhasara's classes work my body in ways that I haven't experienced in any other yoga or pilates class. I feel like my body is waking up and it is a revelation.



Shuddhasara works with sensitivity and insight. The depth and breadth of body knowledge she has accumulated over her years of practice and study is truly astonishing. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

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Shuddhasara is an amazing, kind, wise and inspiring teacher! I love her.

“I teach yoga that is aimed at outsmarting our habitual patterns of movement. This is evidence based movement that has a direct effect on the neural pathways in the brain.”



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