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Shuddhasara has been practicing yoga for thirty years and teaching at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre and elsewhere for 20 years. Originally from the United States, she received a BA with a major in psychology and worked professionally as a dancer and dance therapist before becoming a yoga teacher. She qualified as an ‘Iyengar yoga’ teacher to Intermediate 3 over the course of eleven years. As part of this qualification she attended regularly, classes, intensives and conventions with Senior Iyengar teachers, with a month of study under Geeta Iyengar at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, including the medical class. Over four years she completed all six levels of ‘remedial yoga’ tuition with Stephanie Quirke, Geeta Iyengar's assistant. 

This renewed in her a desire to more fully explore methods of ‘modifying’ the traditional asanas (postures), for prevention of and recovery from stresses on the body due to imbalances, and unhealthy or destabilising patterns of movement or action. In exploring other methodologies/approaches to yoga practice she has begun study with various international teachers including Judith Lasater, Julie Gudmestad, Tias Little, Doug Keller, Tom Myers, Karin Gurtner, Katherine Bruni-Young and the late Michael Stone, with whom she also qualified in “Teaching MIndfulness to Others”. (see Resources if you would like to read more.)

In 2019 Shuddhasara completed SATYA I and II courses with Tias Little and will soon complete her final training to become a fully qualified SATYA teacher. This slow, somatic movement that is healing and develops neuroplasticity is something that Shuddhasara integrates into her teaching alongside the more dynamic Yoga and Slings/Myofascial Training as developed by Karin Gurtner, in which she has now completed Slings Essentials and Slings in Motion® 1. "I believe that these two practices complement each other, each was developed by innovative teachers from different backgrounds, one yoga based and one pilates based, but all springing from Tom Myers work. This resonates for me with the body work I did 40 years ago as a dancer."

Her teaching is an synergy of what these methodologies offer in creating a safe and beneficial movement practice, which ’fits’ the body rather than adherence to a specific ‘style’ of yoga, however venerable.

Shuddhasara teaches four public courses at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre per week, from beginners through to intermediate level, and one remedial class per week for some medical problems.  Additionally there are closed classes for staff and students at Homerton College, Cambridge. She also offers monthly workshops, practice days, private and corporate classes as well as weekend retreats and yoga holidays in the U.K. and overseas. Please see the Courses and Workshops page for further information.

A practising Buddhist since 1983, Shuddhasara received her name at ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2001, by her preceptor. (The meaning of which is she whose essential nature is pure, untainted, full strength.)


"I am applying everything I learn about evidence based movement in my teaching. Why are we doing all of this? To be more fully alive, with increased energy, a structurally balanced posture, and to improve connections between the proprioceptors in the joints and the neural pathways in the brain."


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